Price 2 Meet

Why Price Meetings?

Why would you create an app to calculate meeting cost?

As an IT Project Manager, meetings dominate my work schedule. I found this to be true for most in my line of work. Over time, my days in the office were dissected into fewer chunks of "free" time surrounded by growing blocks of meetings. And while some exalted at being double or even triple booked, taking it as a sure sign of their increased stature and organizational power, my goal became reducing the amount of time I spent in meetings while maintaining the strong pulse on my work.

Why do we meet so often in the workplace? How did this start?

Over the years, as businesses slowly, but steadily adopted technology which made it convenient to schedule a meeting, a kind of meeting prone culture was developing. Today, Outlook and similar tools are widespread across business offices. With the help of such tools one can see who is "available" in real time and with just a few mouse clicks send a meeting invite to their colleagues. Meanwhile, somewhere, somehow, hour long meetings were becoming the norm. Ever since, we came to blindly follow this rule of thumb and arbitrarily schedule meetings that consume an hour without producing much value.

Can we change our meeting culture?

How do we then turn the needle back on the seemingly endless flow of meeting invites? How do we put the genie back in its bottle? Is that possible? And would it even be practical?

I don't pretend to have an answer to that last question. But, I do think that it is possible to stem the tide of meetings by shinning a spotlight on the cost businesses bare for enabling this culture to take root.

Ok. But, how do we do that?

By drawing attention to the cost of meetings in a way only ataxi or parking meter can.

Have you ever taken a taxi ride, eyes glued on the meter in front of you? Do you recall being drawn to the slow but steady uptick in the fare? During one such ride, did you question the round-about route the driver decided to take? Did you suggest a better, faster, more direct approach?

If so, Price 2 Meet was created with you in mind.