Price 2 Meet

What is Price 2 Meet?

It sure looks interesting, but what exactly is Price 2 Meet?

Price 2 Meet is an iPhone® app for tracking your meeting costs.

With the Price 2 Meet intuitive interface you can easily:

  • Set Hourly Rates
  • Set Attendees
  • Pause & Restart Meetings
  • Capture Notes
  • Email Meeting Data
  • Save & Retrieve Meetings

How do I achieve maximum impact with Price 2 Meet? I think I will use it at home!

Of course, you could simply use Price 2 Meet personally and track your meeting cost. That would be fine. But, if you're trying to call attention to the cost of meetings, why not use it during a meeting in plain view of all your colleagues?

Imagine for a second that you are sitting in a conference room at work...

Your colleagues slowly trickle in, chronically late, but not because they are impolite or unprofessional, but because they've just left another hour-long meeting, yet were expected to magically teleport into another conference room in an instant to be on time for this meeting. Since teleporting is not yet part of Outlook, they are, for now, late.



Now imagine you had Price 2 Meet on your iPhone...

The meeting slowly starts after an ice-breaker, a customary Webex snaffu or teleconference roll-call. But what's this on your phone? Your colleagues are wondering as they stare at your phone screen. You've been quitely running Price 2 Meet, but did not call attention to it. You did not have to. The money does the talking.

Sure, at first, the meeting cost is relatively low. Just a few dollars.

But, then, your stomach growls or you suddenly relapse on the Starbucks Mocha addiction. Wait! With the money spent in the meeting so far, you could have had lunch and nice desert!

The colleague next to you makes a similar association. It clicks for most in room. Wow! We're spending real money. Who's is it? Hope I don't have to pay for this...

Price 2 Meet changed my life!

Really??? I would like to hear from you.

Price 2 Meet will likely not change your life. But, if it resonates with just a few of your colleagues and reminds them of the cost associated with meetings, then I've hit my mark.