Price 2 Meet

Price 2 Meet prototype was built in Excel?

Did you know the prototype was built in Excel? Nah, I missed that episode of Jeopardy. Was it the Daily Double?

I created a scalled down prototype in Excel and rolled it out to my colleagues. It got noticed and caused a splash. Ok, more like a ripple. Sure. And as a results, I am now the designated Excel guru around the office - no good deed goes unpunished.

However, without that early feedback from my colleagues, I never would have continued to refine the app and port it over to the iPhone®.

Feedback Works

I'd love to hear from you. Positive feedback, and negative - as long as it's constructive.

You can email me your feedback, questions about the app or simply drop me a line at:

Here is some (un)biased, albeit solicited feedback from my friend and colleague, Mark, who spends a lot of his time in meetings:

"Have you ever thought a meeting seemed long or questioned the value of time spent? Now there's a fun and easy took to evaluate the actual cost of time spent that conference room or on the phone.

Price 2 Meet easily and visually tracks the cost of you and your associates' time in meetings. It allows you to evaluate the return on that time. Using cost and feedback you can modify meeting schedules (fewer, shorter?). You can evaluate different meeting structures as well. Share the cost of a meeting with your associates and see if they'll join you in improving the flow of meetings.

Fun and easy to use. And of course - don't allow it to distract you while driving! :o)"

- Mark